Customer Reviews!

"We had an infestation of bed bugs inour Michigan home and I call Tom at Expert Bed Bugs. He took all the time we needed to understand the process. We then set up a time to have this process done. Prior to the extermination process he had me take pics of the house to prep for the process"

Kristi Cereska

"I was happy with the service. I did get another slight infestation, but he had a 60 guarantee and came right back out and did another treatment. The 2nd treatment fixed the problem and I have had no other issues since."

Sandra Cuddy

"Lots of prep on displacement, but not having to use chemicals was well worth it. Tom was well informed, sympathetic and patient with our many, many, questions. It's worth noting that he arrived in an unmarked vehicle and did't advertise what was going on to our neighborhood. Would and Will recommend this company!"

Crystal Steiniger


Dawn Scripter

"We hired him and everything went as he said it would. He has a guarantee, which made me feel even better about the whole thing. Tom has a lot of knowledge and experience with bed bugs, and shares this information, so we can avoid having this happen again."

Denise Cicchelli

"We had an infestation of bed bugs in our Owosso Michigan home! I called Tom and he actually took almost a half hour to explain what and how he does his extermination process. We then had him set up a time to have this done. In the meantime he had me take pics of my entire house and told me what and how I need to prep for the heat treatment. He also answered many of my questions I had in a timely manner and was so professional in all aspects of the entire process! He came just as he said, on time, set it all up it was quick and best of all he comes in an unmarked vehicle so all the neighbors don't know whats going on. Everything went a s planned, nothing in our house was ruined or disturbed due to his treatment. I had done my research on this whole process and heat is the only way to kill these nightmare bugs! Most companies do not want to heat your basement but instead want to spray chemicals around the perimeter of the basement and it only made sense to heat the entire house including the basement! Other companies were claiming 8 hours to treat a whole home, but Tom was like 254 to 48 hours due to the fact it takes a long time to hear a basement to lethal levels to kill these pests. I'm glad I chose Tom! So far I have not seen any kind of bugs or activity and he is the only one I know of that really stands behind his work. His confident enough to offer a 6 month guarantee on his work. The most I could find elsewhere was a 30 to a 60 day and there were going to spot spray with chemicals! I have thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience with this company and Tom is so pleasant to work with! Before you hire anybody give Tom a call. I would Highly recommend this company and its services to anyone going through this nightmare."

Owosso Residential Customer

"Tom was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and prompt. He came out the same day we called and had an immediate plan of action. We can't say enough good things about the level of service he was able to provide. He really know the ins and outs of addressing infestation issues and combines that expertise with technology that provides a more effective and healthy solution than the competition. In addition to high quality work, Tom's positive professionalism really helped us as we were going through this nightmare. My family is now able to rest easy because of Expert Bed Bug Exterminators."


"We called to have Tome come over to investigate our son's bed who was complaining of small bites and saw one small dead bug under his mattress cover. This was a Saturday and Tome came over same day within a few hours. He did a thorough search of our son's mattress and also looked at the bug that we found. He gave us no-bed-bug clearance. This was very impressive. Tome could have easily said we had a problem, but didn't. We would recommend this company in a second!"