Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I recognize Bed Bug Bites?

They vary from person to person. They may look like mosquito bites and some may have a more sever reaction and look like hives.

Where Do I Look to See if There are Bed Bugs in My Home?

If you've noticed bed bug bites on someone in your home, check first where they frequently sit or sleep. If there are little black dots on or under your cushions, you may have bed bug. If you need service you can count on us to eliminate bugs permanently. We off a 6 month money back guarantee.

How Can I Know I have Bed Bugs for Certain?

It can be difficult to determine for certain, as even doctors cannot be certain whether bits on a person's skin came from bed bugs. If you wake up in the morning with bites you did not have the previous night, give a thorough examination of your bed and box spring to give you the answers you need.

If I Don't See Any Bugs, Does That Mean I Don't Have Them?

Not necessarily, especially if you continue to be bitten. Install bed bug interception devices under mattresses and chair legs and check them daily. It will not control the bugs, but it will let you know if you have a problem. If you've determined you do have bed bugs, contact us as soon as possible.

Will Bed Bugs Make Me Sick?

More than likely, no, but they are parasites and a bed bug that feeds can produce as many as 7 babies a day, therefore it will not take long for this to become an infestation.