Bed Bug Checklist


Prepare Your Home for our Visit

Dealing with bed bugs can be a nightmare that no one wants to go through. Let us alleviate some of the stress on you by letting you know the best way to prepare for one of our elimination treatments.

One the professionals at Exper Bed But Exterminators get finished with the job, your stress will be gone. We offer a 6-month money back guarantee

Follow These Easy Steps

  1. Remove and permanently dispose of all plants.
  2. Remove all flammable materials
  3. Remove all guns, fireworks, and ammo
  4. Remove all animals and give them frontling
  5. You'll need 2 days of clothes. Washed an dried clothes on high heat for at least an hour, then place in a clean zip lock bag.
  6. Pick up and remove all clutter
  7. Remove candies, perfumes, and coclognes
  8. Remove all magnetic tapes and discs
  9. Dispose of any mattresses with stains in a sealed bag
  10. Install bed bug mattress covers and on box springs before treatment
  11. Free all rooms of clutter
  12. Remove all reusable bags, tubs, or containers
  13. Remove and dispose of waste bags or bins from vacuums
  14. Inform us of what chemicals, sprays, and pesticides you have used previously
  15. Remove all pressurized containers, including items like soda cans, cooking sprays etc..
  16. Remove all alcohol from premises, including items like perfume and drinking alcohol.