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Exterminate Bothersome Bed Bugs From Your Home or Business

Never be bothered by Bed Bugs again. Business or Home, we guarantee our work. When you choose Expert Bed Bug Exterminators, you can rest easy knowing we won't bring any chemicals, pesticides, or anything else that can harm your family or pets. We use unmarked trucks during treatments, so no one on your block will know your personal business.

Our service utilizes a breathable heat of 142 degrees proven to eliminate the bugs completely. Usually, we can cover a home up to 1,200 square feet in side of a day, completed floor -by-floor or sectioned off for larger homes. 


Pest Controllers You Can Trust

Trust a bed bug exterminator service that takes pride in exceeding customer expectations in finding the best option for you. We are proud of our exemplary record and the fact that we eliminate the bug population, not control it. Hire a fully licensed and insured business that has received one complaint to date.


About our Business

When it comes to bed bug extermination, you need to hire a contractor you can trust. Expert Bed Bug Exterminators have been serving the community since 2009. Come to a local, Native American-owned and operate business and get the job done right today.


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Residential and Commercial Bug Extermination

Having trouble with bed bugs in your home or business? There is no need to fear, just call Expert Bed Bug Exterminators! We offer one-day service for most jobs, and a 6 Month Warranty.


Call 1-855-666-2847 for $100 estimate that can be applied toward your total cost. Exterminating Bed Bugs in Detroit and surrounding cities.

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Call 1-855-666-2847 for a $100 estimate that you can put towards a total bed bug treatment cost.