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Introduction is a company dedicated to eradicating bed bugs with clean, breathable HEAT for more than a decade. If your home or business is infested with Bedbugs and you are looking for a solution to get rid of bedbugs. Expert Bed Bug exterminators in Michigan has a final solution to exterminate bedbugs. We are just a call away, give us a call 1-855-666-2847 and enjoy life again!!! 


 North America has been infested with bedbugs. DDT was invariably used with a harmful neurotoxin to eradicate bedbugs. When DDT was banned in 1972, neurotoxins were still in use to combat bedbug issues. In 1992, all formed of neurotoxin were completely banned for indoors due to its harmful effects on people and the environment. Till today, no single legal chemical has been discovered to fight a bedbug's infestation. 

Solution by Expert Bed Bug Exterminators in Michigan

 Expert Bed bug exterminators in Michigan uses only breathable clean heat to 142° F to eradicate bedbugs. We believe in complete extermination!!! Unlike the pest control guys and we follow strict protocols to free you from the disaster of bed bugs. 


We believe in treating the entire premise and all your cars so that the clean, breathable heat of 142'will penetrate every crack and crevices!!!


And we prove it with a SIX MONTH WARRANTY!!!


How it Works

The process uses breathable clean heat to kill all phases of Bed bugs. Expert bed bug exterminators in Michigan is the best and with our proven heat treatment method to destroy bedbugs. It penetrates the walls, your electric and plumbing even the ducts of the house. No worries, it is environment-friendly.

Secrets of Bedbugs

The lifecycle of bedbugs is very fast. Every day, every bug, lays5 to 7 eggs and they grow exponentially. It takes them only 21 days to be mature enough to start feeding, so well you can imagine their numbers and the menace they can create for you. They are attracted to you the same way as mosquitoes. You will be surprised to know that they do not have eyes and are devoid of wings; still, they can run faster than you think. Bed bugs are recluses, and it is easier to find their feces or pooh, which looks a lot like pepper than it is to find a bed bug.

Each bug feeds on people for less than four minutes a week. They hide in the dark crevices, grooves or your mattress. Their laying power is unimaginable, and you can find them multiplying by the thousands in a concise period.


Bed bugs create a specific smell that emanates from the bed bugs infested area. Many people are allergic to their venom, and there is a fair chance of silver dollar welts which later on develops into dermatitis. Those whose skin is not very sensitive might develop tiny red dots after being bitten by the bugs.


Over the counter, chemicals and Fog bombs are not so useful in ruling out the menace of bedbugs because their reach and penetration are restricted. They are not enough to reach the exact dwelling place of bedbugs. The bedbugs prefer to stay in dark and dingy crevices, cracks, groves, etc.


The city of Troy and Sterling Heights are highly infested with bedbugs. Some residents initially don't take much care to eradicate them; consequently, it becomes a menace for the area being great hitchhikers and prolific breeders.


Expert Bed Bug Exterminators in Michigan Service Offers

If you are facing a bedbug problem, connect with us at 855-666-2847.

We specialize exclusively in bedbug heat treatment, and we are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and Angie's list certified. 


We only use clean, breathable heat at 142° F for Bed bugs in Michigan, northern Ohio and northern Indiana. We confirm in writing that there is no use of poisonous chemicals and pesticides by us in the eradication process. Till date, we have received only one complaint from a client. Hence we confirm our success rate to 99%.


Generally, our service is done in a single day; however larger homes or business will take longer, we section off each specific area to ensure complete coverage including the basement!!!


Expert Bed Bug exterminator promises to eradicate you from the bed bug menace, and we provide a six-month warranty to back our services.


Expert Bed bug exterminators a Michigan Company is owned by a Native American, and he has brought tremendous experience and dedication to solve your problem. Expert Bed Bug Exterminator's services are spread over Lower Michigan, Northern Ohio & Northern Indiana.


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